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A particular breed of male, aged in his late teens to mid 30's, who meets 4 or more of the following diagnostic criteria:

1. Tight curly hair
2. Pointed chin, accentuated by a delicate goatee beard
3. Slim build
4. Sturdy flanks
5. Hooves
6. A tentative, faun-like gait

Generally of Caucasian stock, often hailing from the Scottish Highlands but found cantering and startled all over the British Isles.
"Christ, did you see that guy Liz nearly pulled? He was such a fucking Tumnus!"

"I'm pretty sure there is a Tumnus working at my office. He keeps proffering turkish delight, looking nervously at trees and urging me to hush. I hope he leaves soon."

"Ha ha! Your cousin is a total Tumnus! That means you carry the gene! Gross!"

Gary Lucy
Justin Timberlake (when he was in N-Sync especially)
Ryan Giggs
Matthew McConnaughty
by Lizabeast May 14, 2010
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On sharing a bed with a male friend, usually drunkenly, and awakening in the early hours to feel a sensation not disimilar to a dog, gently but persistently nudging your upper leg with it's nose, as if wanting a walk or a bone. I's not a dog. But it does want a bone.
Urgh, I was so pissed I passed out on Dave's bed, and woke up to find the desperate c**t dog nosing me. I played dead and eventually he stopped.

Nah I didn't shag him - I think he might have dog nosed me but it was too half hearted and torpid to warrant any response.
by Lizabeast May 13, 2010
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