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A new word originated at Bristol University which is aimed at any 'posh', pretentious, gap year students that have gone on a spiritual journey of 'enlightenment'. Usually to India, Thialand, a South or Central American country or parts of Africa, basically just any country which might have a degree of poverty. They do this only to return talking about how it has changed their life because they contributed to a good cause when really they really did some of the following:
1.Went there to have a good time with their parents money especially to smoke/take a wide range of drugs which they may not normally be able to get their hands on so easily.
2.Perhaps have sex with a child prostitute.
3.Purchase a stupid beanie hat and wear it all the time when they do go to University
4.Take home loads of expensive and exotic souvenirs, especially rugs and shisha pipes.
5.If they are a 'Pseudo Chopper' maybe even adopt a Starving child and hide it under their beanie hat for safe keeping.
6.They may become very environmentally conscious to make us all feel bad about ourselves, e.g. use their hand and a bucket of water to wipe their arse rather than toilet roll or only eat organic food.
7.Become a vegetarian and/or vegan and develop dreadlocks due to a lack of showering.
8.May use the word banter for everything and shorten and mutate this for all needs.
9.The girls in this sub group usually walk around with the 'just got shagged' look, these however are not to be mistake for rahs.
John: Oh that Rob is a right bloody Chopper, he was going on about how great India is how it has changed his life, pretentious tosser.
Jack: No mate, Simon is even worse, his dradlocks are rancid and he's just an idiot, I have a right mind to poison him with inorganic produce, f*cking pseudo chopper.

by Littleeggy August 11, 2007

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