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A typical response to a dumb or pointless anecdote among friends.
Dude: So, today I was driving home from work and I noticed a streetlight was out.

Kid: ...Cool story.
by Little Nerd June 9, 2006
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The best form of rotten fruit/vegetable to throw when a comedian is doing poorly. It's better than rotten tomatoes because, in addition to covering the person in smelly pulp, there's actually a good chance of putting out their eye.
COMEDIAN: So, what's up with the black boxes on planes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of them? Sounds like something George Bush came up with!

SPECTATOR: Dude, shut the fuck up! *throws rotten bananas*

by Little Nerd April 27, 2006
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Believed to be the inscription on the Star statue in the videogame Super Mario 64. Those who staunchly believe that Luigi was somewhere in the original Mario 64 often point out this inscription, saying it was placed there by the designers of the game as a hint.
Lamer: Dude, check out that inscription on the statue!
Dude: It's a blurry box of text. So what?
Lamer: It says L is Real! That means Luigi is somewhere in the game!
Dude: See what you want, it's just a blurry box of text.
by Little Nerd April 23, 2006
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One of the poorest compilations of knowledge available on the internet, thanks to a very relaxed quality control. Basically, there are five types of definitions you will find on anything:

1) The informative, deceptively neutral definition that tells you what you wanted to know.

2) The extremely biased definition that hints at a possibly psychotic author.

3) The entry that only points you to the definition of an obscenity as reference, in an attempt to be clever.

4) The definition that only makes sense to the author's friends.

5) The entry that details some weird sexual act, which probably has nothing to do with the word it's defining.
Some definitions of "George Bush" you might find on urbandictionary.com:

Def 1: The 43rd president of the United States, was inaugurated on January 20, 2001, went on to blah blah blah...

Def 2: The worst fucking leader in the history of mankind, has the intelligence of the pretzel he choked on that one time.

Def 3: See "Asswipe," "Chimpanzee," "Dickhead"

Def 4: What Mike sounded like that one time at Six Flags! You know what I'm talking about, dude!

Def 5: When your girlfriend accidentally bites off your cock and chokes to death on it.
by Little Nerd August 12, 2006
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