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A Virtual Pet Site that currently has close to 100,000 members, but usually only has a height of 600 members on at one time. unlike neopets, Subeta has a close knit community, an almost 'family' like feel.

The admins have reachable accounts, which you can sMail and comment on with any problems regaurding the site, or to simply leve them a comment.

Subeta has games, over 50 pets, and tons of friendly users. You can even get in contact with Subeta Creator Keith and apply for a job if you want!

Although people claim it's a direct copy of neopets, there are plenty of other pet sites out there with similar ideas, and considering Neopets is the most mainstream and commercial of them all, many other petsites are called 'clones' of neopets.

Subeta generally has a more approachable admin, more leniant rules regauring the forums, and overall more freedom to do what you wish with your account and with your pets.

Contrary to popular belief, buying a gold account, which only cost 5$, does NOT get you more sP (Subeta's curreny system) All it gets you is more control over your profile, and ten extra quests per day, it also gets you a nifty little trophy and entrance into the 'Gold Account Forum' which is basically just a place for Gold Account Users to talk.

And, if you want a gold acocunt and don't want to donate to the site (All profits go to keeping Subeta's servers running, which costs 1000$ a month!) you can simply look for Gold Account Medals in trades. Buying one form another user, which usually costs about 500,000 sP, results in the same effects as if you were to donate to the site for one.

And money is very easy to make on Subeta-- with games like 'Random' that give you random ammount of money every few hours and Quests that sometimes give out items worth 60,000 sP or more, it's not unusual to see users under one month with a few painted pets of their own.

Subeta is a fun petsite aimed at a 13 and up demographic, and I suggest it to anyone who loves petsites and the first ammendment!
User 1: Wow, Subeta is so leniant, they didn't send me a warning when I talked about other pet sites in the forums like lots of other pet sites do.

User 2: Yeah, Subeta has lot's of ool items, too-- and the admins don't take themselves as seriously as you'd think.

User 3: It's because, unlike lot's of commercial virtual pet sites, Subeta is run by a group of people that love the site and don't worry about getting sued or offending people, not by people trying to make money with a PG environment.
by Lintu August 09, 2006
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