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Forever 21 is usally a humongous, disorganized, messy store located in large malls or shopping outlets. If you are over lets say 21 you should go nowhere near that store. Its target shoppers are 12-7 yr old girls. The store is usually super messy, they never have your size (small or large but mainly no XS). Everything is made of crappy, cheap fabric and falls apart after 1 wash. Sometimes even in your shopping bag. Most things are either covered in bows, hearts, bunnies, tacky gold detailing, ruffles, or floral prints.

The prices range from a couple bucks to about $40. Some items that are actually wearable or decent quality are around $30-40, but you can get much better brand name items on sale for that price. A formal dress will go between $30-35. Their jewelery is tacky and once again CHEAP. Things will possibly fall apart before you take it out of the bag.

The whole store is overwhelming and you feel panicked within 5 mins after entering. 1) Too many pre teen girls running around with their posse. 2) The music' (taylor swift, hilary duff, or annoying thug music) is extremely and unnecessarily loud.

The lines are usually ridiculous and take anywhere from 10-20 mins.
Preppy 12 yr old: Wow I luvvv forever 21! They have cute, affordable clothes!

Someone with taste: You look ridiculous! That top with all those bows and floral prints makes you look like an 6 yr old.

Preppy 12 yr old: OMG Shut up! You're just jealous of my awesome fashion sense and cute clothes!

Someone with taste: No on'es jealous, your clothes are tacky and overrated, plus all your friends own the same articles as you. Thanks but I'll be caught in a forever 21 rag.
by Lilkitty194 January 19, 2011

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