3 definitions by Lil Wizard

A cultured white person, who understands black culture, but maintains white pride. Used by Atlanta area members of a gang called the "Cracker Side Nackers" to refer to each other on the streets.
All my nackers got my back, now what you gonna do?
by Lil Wizard February 27, 2005
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Coined in the early 21st century, used by Atlanta area whites to refer to each other in a brotherly way. Akin to 'nigga'.
by Lil Wizard February 27, 2005
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An Atlanta area gang started in 2004, representing the predominantly white area of east Atlanta known as Morningside and Virginia Highlands. The members recognize each other through the use of a hand sign in the form of a 'W' and wearing red and white clothes. The gang consists of all white members and takes pride in white heritage.
Yo them Cracker Side Nackers be rollin too deep for 220 to fuck with.
by Lil Wizard February 28, 2005
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