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A creature of the night that will haunt your dreams - and turn them into nightmares. Often popular in everyday society, this beast has a deep and troubled inner goddess that most people will never realise. It is strangely attractive, due to its alluring eyebrows and teeth. Be careful, you never know where it'll spring from.
David: Yo dawg, have you seen Tsiu-Kim anywhere?
Marlon: Nah bro, not since yesterday.
David: OMG AHHHHH *Tsiu-Kim springs out of a nearby chicken shop*
by LiMo December 02, 2012
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Grunting is an extremely cool way of *singing* , well sort of for that matter, sometimes clearly understandable, as in cKy and Extol, or not clearly definable, as in grind metal music, it's just cool and lots of fun to do in public, coz everyone will look at you as if you were a retard, I do it all the time, but then again, i'm pretty close to being a retard anyway so I don't care about people looking at me.....
*96 Quite Bitter Beings Like* by cKy - A light type of grunting
*Undeceived* by Extol - Heavy grunting, reasonably understandable, and very cool...
by Limo September 30, 2004
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