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A sport played in Australia with derivations from soccer and rugby. The aim of the game is to score more points than the other team by kicking an oddly shaped red or yellow ball between the goal posts or the point posts. It is played mainly in the southern Australian cities (Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth) but has lots of talent scouted from the Northern Territory.

The game is a fast paced and exciting contact sport. Players are often sprint fit and very agile. Tight fitted uniforms are worn to prevent tackling from opposition players. The game involved more strategic skill than purely brawn based sports such as Rugby. There is a large AFL betting culture. The game is watched by people of all socio-economic backgrounds and is more watched and followed than sports such as soccer, basketball, and rugby in the southern cities.
AFL is also loved by many bogans, but that's half the fun.
by Lewis-T February 05, 2013
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