1 definition by LesbianFeminism

For non-intelligent people, or people who have lesser mentality and in academics

One that requires intelligence to use such a professional word

Very fun to use as an insult to someone making yu feel an intellectual dominant being.
(Taken from whomst'd've example) too lazy to make my own...

Guy 1 (Presumably a Memer) : "Yo, do you Whomst'd've my other pencil?"

Guy 2 (Normie): "What? That's not even a word."

Guy 1: "Ye"

Guy 2: "No"

Guy 1: "Let me restate that you non intellectual; Excuse me sir, do you have the knowledge of whom did have my previous pencil?"

Guy 2: "Can you stop?"

Guy 1: "People like you need to know true culture."
by LesbianFeminism February 1, 2018
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