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A unique fashion line created by Masahiro Saito (1958). Saito started FÖTUS in September 1997. Jiro of Glay, Miyavi, and the members of Pierrot loved the FÖTUS line. Most buyers are between 16 and 25, more than half of them female. Mostly Polyester, but cotton and nylon are used, the clothes are unique and many of them are neon coloured.
Person 1- Did you see that Buruzon outfit on FÖTUS?
Person 2- Yea, 'twas awesome :3
Person 1- I'm definitely going to order something from the FÖTUS website^^
by lemonwhip March 13, 2009
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A bunch of J-rock/Visual Kei posers who claim they're being original and that Visual Kei/J-Rock copied them. In reality, however, Visual Kei has been around since the 80s and Scene is a new "fad" from the 2000s, so it is impossible for Visual Kei/J-Rock to have copied something that didn't exist at the time they started dressing that way, etc.
From head to toe everything about the scene kid is Visual Kei.
That Scene Kid thinks he/she's so original. Puh-leese.
by Lemonwhip April 01, 2009
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