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This is a breakdance or cheerleading move where people are standing stationary on their hands and/or head. This can be on both hands, on one hand, or on a triangle made by the arms and the head. This last one is considered one of the hardest breakdancing powermove freezepose to maintain.
I like watching the movies "Bring-It-On" and "You Got Served" to watch the handstands so I can use when I am breaking.
by LeftOn4ya October 5, 2007
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This is a breakdancing powermove that goes from an uprok or footwork move such as the six-step into a stationary position. This is most noticeable when the freezepose is a handstand, but may also include any position held for at least one beat of the music.
In that cipher session, that b-boy's freezepose was off the chain, yo!
by LeftOn4ya October 5, 2007
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Two or more b-boys or b-girls breakdancing in a circle together in an informal freestyle manner. They could be battling or simply playing off of each other. In larger groups, usually one or two people will go in the middle and break while others in the circle look on and cheer them on.
Hey, put down the mat so we can have a cipher session. I've been working on my uprok and footwork powermoves and want to see everyone's freezepose.
by LeftOn4ya October 5, 2007
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Pronounced like "Up Rock"

This is a beginning move of a breakdance that transitions from an opening stance to footwork. This could be anything from just bouncing up and down around a cipher or battle circle to a more fancy pop-lock. This hip-hop term originated sometime in the mid-late 1980's and is used to describe the opining move of b-boys and b-girls. The style of a breakdancer is identified by their unique combination of uprok, footwork, and freezepose.

The music label "Uprok Records" was named in reference to this term, and was started as a hip-hip division of BEC/Tooth and Nail. The label's original artists such as Mars Ill, Deepspace5, MG! the Visionary, and Tunnel Rats have all now left the pretty-much defunct label over disagreements with the promotion tactics of the parent company. The artists have noted that the hardcore execs didn't even knew what Uprok meant and didn't know anything about the hip-hop culture or scene.
Yo, that b-boy's uprok looked dope, but his footwork is wack. I could totally crush him in a cipher circle, because no one remembers the uprok, and my freezepoze is more slammin' than anything he could through out.
by LeftOn4ya October 5, 2007
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