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created by the song "crushcrushcrush" by Paramore. An intense heartbreak feeling after a love.
"crushcrushcrush. Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone. Just the one-two I was just counting on. That never happens, I guess I'm dreaming again. Let's be more than this."
by hornmeister November 04, 2007
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A song used during the playing of Rock Band in order to put another member of the band on blast.
Crushcrushcrush begins....

Jerk Ass Singer of the Group: "This song goes out to our drummer(name redacted) from our guitarist (name redacted)."
by rock band! April 02, 2008
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A popular song performed by the band Paramore, added to Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades, for the Nintendo DS.

Also, what you feel when you and your best friend like the same guy, and the guy likes you both, and you're pissed.
Example A: Girl: "Hey! Did you hear CrushCrushCrush by Paramore?"
Guy: "Yeah, I played it on Guitar Hero!"

Example B: Juanita: "I love Bobby!"
Jamie: "Me too!"
Bobby: "I love you both!"
Both Juanita and Jamie: "What?!"
Bobby: "Oops..."
Jamie: "I feel CrushCrushCrushed."
Juanita: "Ditto."
by CrushesYourFace April 10, 2009
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