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Janus Sanders or Deciet Sanders represents Thomas Sanders' Lying side in a popular series by he nane if Sanders Sides.He is a snek boi but not an evil one.His name was revealed in the episode called 'Putting others first,Selfishness vs selflessness redux'.He is shipped with many of the characters in the series but the ship called mociet is now thriving after the episode I mentioned earlier.There is a very large stan of him(I am part of that) which keeps growing and growing.
Some of his quotes:
"Your not stuck with an evil snake boy .... Your just stuck with a snek boi >:3"

"Oh Roman thank god you don't have a moustache otherwise we wouldn't know who the evil twin is"

Janus Sanders
by LeeHooni_Kinnie May 12, 2020

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Lee hooni is a suicidal 17 year old boy who is the protagonist of the manhwa suicide boy . The premise of the manhwa is that he tries to find diffrent ways to kill himself
" Hey have you read the manhwa suicide boy ? "

" Yeah my favourite Character is lee hooni."
by LeeHooni_Kinnie April 12, 2021

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