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The worst music artist who ever lived. He made up his entire life story about being a gangsta. He is just a stage gangsta. He goes to the studio in normal clothes, then changes into some gangsta-looking clothes and a bulletproof vest and stands in front of a green screen with a fake gun in his hand. He was not shot 9 times, let alone shot at all with a real gun. The medical records show that he was shot 3 times with a paintball gun. Some middle-school kids were just fooling around, and Fiddy happened to get badly injured. 50 Cent is the fakest anyone can get. Hes just a normal black guy from New York who happened to catch the attention of Dr. Dre who was extremley drunk and faded at that time. The only reason 50 cent sold records is because of the rep Dr. Dre and Eminem created for him. 50 cent is fake and his music is just straight up garbage. The Game is so much better than 50, its like Kobe Bryant vs. an average high school basketball player. 50 is also a big snitch, and he's the reason certain people are behind bars. He is the most dissed artist in the history of music. He holds the record for diss tracks aimed at him. 50 cent is also the leader of a boy band known as G-Unit (aka Gay Unit), who are almost as fake as him. 50 cent neve held a real gun in his life, and he is dead scared of The Game and his Black Wall Street. 50 cent is currently working on his third album, which will have a song featuring Justin Timberlake. Clearly, 50 is the fakest. 50 cent's only fans are urban white kids on the East Coast.
White Kid: Yeah yeah, check out my gangsta clothes.
Jamal: Man, don't be a 50 cent, u fake as a mufucka.
White Kid: Don't make me pop u mayn (pulls out a water gun).
Jamal: Pwahahaha...nigga plz (pulls out a glock 45 and caps the white kid)
White Kid: (lying on the ground) I got Gamed.
by LeStephon March 16, 2007

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