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Holiday Grape Drink

Grape flavoring powder
Whole milk
Orange Fruitopia (optional)
Residency in public housing
Uncertainty of paternal lineage
Welfare dependency (also optional)
Susceptibility to AIDS and Cycle Cell Anemia
Yo, pass me suma dat nignog, mayn!
Happy holidays! Gimme some nignog and a white bitch!
Which wunna you fools dun drankt up all ma nignog?!
by Lazy Black Man January 13, 2010
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Anal secretion from a cat infected with a form of feline AIDS. The goop itself is of a snotty, light-green hue and has the stringy consistency of ejaculate.
That goddamn cat gooped all over the couch last night!
K.C.'s dripping her cat goop in her own food bowl.
Would you rather suck Don Vito's dick, or drink a cat goop milkshake?
by Lazy Black Man January 10, 2010
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