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Helena is a hot girl who is tall,smart and gorgeous.I f you make eye contact make sure your ready to faint because if she looks back at you you'll be in love❤️just like me...And don't get it twisted she is nice and a little sassy but she is like the perfect girl to have. so if you have a girl like Helena hold on to her she'll make life great...I wish she would like me back😂😞😭
Me:Woah what's her name
Girl:that's Helena she's in my homeroom

Me:she just looked at me...call the doctor.....the love doctor😍
by Laylah T March 19, 2019
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E'Laylah is fun,funny,cute and maybe the nicest girl you will ever meet,but Don't be fooled by her appearance she's not the nicest girl at times because if you hurt her she will make you regret it!!!
Ja'lonte:Hey have u seen Tristan lately
Chris: not since he Brooke up with E'Laylah

Ja'lonte: oh no
by Laylah T June 4, 2018
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V'ontaj is sarcastic,funny,and sweet at times,V'ontaj will be loyal and kind in a relationship,don't make V'ontaj mad he will flip out on you
Hey did you see V'ontaj beat up that guy.
by Laylah T May 5, 2018
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