2 definitions by Lawrence of the Nether Regions

A really heinous shit.

Named after notorious sci fi turd starring John Travolta.
"Oh boy, I wouldn't go in there for a while. I just did a massive Battlefield Earth. A real stonker. Wow."
by Lawrence of the Nether Regions September 10, 2012
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Adjective popularised by eponymous gold obsessed Dutch megalomaniac in the film Goldmember, meaning either:

1. firm, lean and muscular, or

in the broader sense of the word,

2. good and enjoyable.
1. "Yesh. You have a toight body. You are toight, like a toiger".
2. "I'll meet you at the pub in half an hour. I'll bring some supermodels and beer vouchers."
"That is very toight."
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