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Dailybooth is a social-networking website focused on picture-taking.

Each member takes or uploads a picture of themselves each day and other members have the option to either leave a text comment or a picture comment on the photo.

Dailybooth was created by awesome people, for awesome people and is very popular with YouTubers.

Dailybooth can also be used as a verb: Booth'd, Boothin', etc.

Famous Boothers:

John Green
Hank Green
Jon Wheatley (founder)
Ashton Kutcher
Michael Buckley
Shane Dawson
Mitchell Davis

and others...
Jon: Nerimon, why haven't you taken a picture on Dailybooth today?

Nerimon: Um, I was busy! I was without internet! I was dead at the time!

Jon: Nerimon!

Nerimon: I'll do it now, I swear.
by Lauren Field October 7, 2009
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