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Haakon, the name of Norwegian Kings, meaning more powerfull than God (see Håkon).

List of Kings:
Haakon I of Norway (c. 920–961), the Good
Haakon Magnusson of Norway (1068-94)
Haakon II of Norway (died 1162), Haakon Herdebrei
Haakon III of Norway (1170s–1204), Haakon Sverreson
Haakon IV of Norway (1204-1263), the Old
Haakon V of Norway (1270-1319), Haakon V Magnusson
Haakon VI of Norway (c. 1340–1380), Haakon VI Magnusson
Haakon VII of Norway (1872-1957)
Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway (born 1973), future Haakon VIII
You don't wanna mess with Norway, their King's named Haakon, he's more powerful than God!
by Latskap June 16, 2011

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