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(Fictional) Helicopter obsessed, eccentric, lovable HHTV reporter who presents potted histories at high speed on Horrible Histories. Also known as the Silver Fox, Bob Hale is portrayed by the actor Laurence Rickard (in heavy prosthetic make-up in series 2, 3 and 4).
"And now over to Bob Hale with the Civil War Report."
by Larryrules May 29, 2012

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Laurence Rickard is an actor and writer, best known for his work in the CBBC series Horrible Histories. Not only does he write a number of the sketches, but he has moved from 'background colour' to main actor during the development of the show. Possibly his most loved character is Bob Hale. His Twitter account is known for containing daily pearls of wisdom (or gems of lunacy). Rickard has also appeared in the comedy series Balls of Steel and has written extensively for comedy shows over the years. He has a loyal following of obsessive/dedicated fans known as Rickardians.
"Did you see Laurence Rickard as the Egyptian dentist last night? Yum!"

"Bob Hale report on Renaissance - awesome."
by larryrules May 29, 2012

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