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1. A hillbilly term used to define someone undesirable.
2. Also can refer to someone's ass, when covered in shit.
Jethro: Bill Bob come over here and help me plant some of these Bush for president signs over yander!
Billy Bob: I'm in the union, I'm voting Democratic.
Jethro: Well Shit! Yer nothin' but a shit ass demoncrat!

2. When I crapped my pants at walmart, everyone said I had a shit ass.
by LarryF October 15, 2005

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When someone (Clint) goes in the bathroom when someone else has to take a dump(PC).
I have to go to the bathroom but Clint just dump blocked the bathroom.
by LarryF August 25, 2006

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When someone who sits next to you at work and wears the same pants for 5 consecutive days.
Please don't tell me he is wearing his stankpants again!
by LarryF September 12, 2006

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