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Academic Wank describes a writing method employed by students of any subject, (but especially psychology,) who may not necessarily have all the facts at their fingertips, but need to pad-out an essay with some generalised waffle in order to meet the minimum word-count requirement for the coursework set. Often used most in the early hours of the morning before a deadline, academic wank must be employed alongside content with actual intellectual merit in order to not result in a fail. Requires less research than an essay that will get you a first class degree.
"The research methods essay? yeah, I didn't use enough references really, but I typed out some academic wank and handed it in anyway."
by Laraweasil April 03, 2009

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The quality and availability of a munchable item when in need of the munchies.
"Man that was good, I now have the munchies".

"Hey, these things here in this open packet have huge snackability!!"
"Yeah!!" *munch*
by laraweasil November 25, 2013

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the name of the fish belonging to the character Ken in the 1988 film "a fish called wanda" starring john cleese, michael palin, jamie lee curtis and kevin kline. Ken is infatuated with her, but she meets a grizzly end at the hands of the character otto. Wanda does not have a speaking role.
Ken: Hello Wanda!
by Laraweasil June 08, 2009

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