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When you blow into someone's asshole until you create enough air pressure to shoot a turd back into your mouth.
"So my girlfriend wanted me to try somethin new last night - The Dizzy Gillespie. That's black love!"

"I choked on Dizzy Gillespie!"

"Oh, HELL to tha naw!" - Whitney Houston

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When two women stand on a bed side by side...naked. Then a man...a naked man...continuously launches himself from a trampoline and tries to stab them with his engorged penis at some orifice above their necks. Then, after knocking them over, he ejaculates on them shouting, "Jihad on you all! Jihad on you all!"
"I never really supported the war in Iraq, but after receiving The 911, I fully support our troops. Way to go, guys!"

"The 911 made me a republican!"

"4 stars raves George Segal"

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