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an acronym meaning "Deliriously Overcome With Hilarity" used in IRC chatrooms.

It was especially popular on the WebTv internet service back in 1999-2001 ??? (approx) among teens and college students who began a "war/rebellion" against the acronym "lol" (Laughing out Loud) in various online webtv community chatrooms/forums and managed to spread its use among other Webtv community youth.

"DOH" was meant to be used in place of "LOL" and was part of an organized campaign to be spread around the internet and the world. Believers in the campaign called themselves the "DOH rebels" who sought the downfall of "LOL" and the rise of "DOH". Using "LOL" in certain chatrooms monitored by "DOH REBEL" OPS often resulted in bans. Only DOH was acceptable.

It appears to have become defunct and no longer in use awaiting a new generation of "DOH rebels".
"a mouse just scared my cat and My cat ran into a wall. Doh!!!"-Lisa (DOH REBEL)


"NOT LOL. DOH!!! DOH!!!!! Down with LOL. All must use DOH! DOH! DOH. LOL MUST DIE!!!"-Lisa (DOH Rebel)

(Betty has been kicked off channel by DohLord reason: blasphemy)
by Lamtomomo August 19, 2007
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