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A person, place, or thing that is being considered or reconsidered
Jason: damn, I know I got a girlfriend but that girl is sexy as hell, maybe I should go for that. Maybe my girl isn't good enough for me

Tommy: so your girlfriend is in question now?

Jason: I guess you could say that

Tommy: wow, you really shouldn't be reconsidering you girlfriend cuz she's a 5-star chick!

Jason: yeah ur right, I can't believe I even thought twice about whether I should stay with my girl
by LadyLex13 June 29, 2010
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A very skilled, very attractive, very popular soccer(football) player. He is married to Victoria Beckham and they have 3 sons. David Beckham is quite possibly the sexiest man alive.
Lexy: Did you hear!?
Nora: What?
Lexy: David Beckham just scored 3 goals in one game!!!
Nora: Wow! He's soo skilled and soo hott! I want to meet him so badly!
by LadyLex13 July 07, 2010
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