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Idiot that talks to me in polish even tho she knows damn well that i won't understand. Also lesbian so i legally can't hate her🤗
baldbeidou the poland
by LaSignora July 02, 2021
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Why won't this dumbass website define my word? Anyways, the user "Xiaosboobies" is one of the sweetest, funniest and kindest people on tiktok. They are very fun to talk to, and go through a lot of things they shouldn't have to go through. They obviously have an obsession with Xiao, judging from their username and Content! They have good music taste and good taste in video game characters, the best example is Xiao (the best
"I don't understand how this website works" "idgaf, go follow Xiaosboobies on tiktok, they're very nice!" "I'm Mutuals with them already you piece of shit!"
by LaSignora May 24, 2021
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