3 definitions by LaGe|||

An insult nickname for a male with bad cleanliness in the bell end region, caused by not cleaning under the foreskin leading to a fishy or cheesy odour
(scampet)a person with scamp
Shut up scamp!
(sniff, sniff) awwww scamp! (in the presence of a scampet)
by LaGe||| December 14, 2003
Used as and expression of felling, or to replace other words, and things
'did you see what that n00b just did, god he's mer!'
instead of omg ' oh Mer?',
someone says something to you, pause for a few secs look at them say MER and act as if you don't care
by LaGe||| December 14, 2003
A quick way the sum up or type 'See you later'
THe word is said fairly quickly
***** says: talk to ya later man
$$$$$ says : kk silla
by LaGe||| December 14, 2003