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An evangelical Christian university located in Lynchburg, VA.

Contains some of the most caring, loving, genuine followers of Jesus in the world; but is also a breeding ground for disgusting hypocrisy and self-righteous prigs.

The residential students are the only ones who really learn anything, but they are constantly abused and forgotten by Jerry Falwell Jr. because the online program rakes in more money for the school. The residential program is a joke (except for nursing, engineering, biology, and philosophy), and the online students learn jack-shit to get a bull-shit degree.

LU has some very good professors, some of the smartest and best in their fields, but the university pays them relatively little, forces them to teach 100-level online courses instead of REAL classes, over-schedules them every semester, fires many every year without giving any reason, and refuses to allow them to conduct research.

The pathetic athletics program, "fun" diversions, landscaping, and facilities are given top priority. Academics and research are discouraged and often forbidden.

The financial aid office, registrar, human resources, LU police department, and auditors all vie every semester to see who can steal the most money (even government aid) from the students.

The "Liberty Way" student conduct policy is alternately conveniently ignored and zealously, legalistically enforced.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.: "Welcome to Liberty University, the most exciting university in the world!"
Any LU student: "Dude, Liberty just drained my bank account because they charged me twice for tuition and stole my financial aid and scholarship money. And they just canceled classes that I need to graduate until every fourth year, so I need to stay another year. Fuck this shit..."
Jerry Jr.: "But we built a new stadium with the money we stole from you and what we saved from firing your professors! Liberty University is exciting! Also, you are fined $500 for your use of profanity, so that we can buy more mulch."
by LUgrad April 10, 2011
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