12 definitions by LUXLY

The beverage a mermaid drinks on Sunday at brunch
Give her a mermosa before she joins the other mermaids at shell
by LUXLY March 20, 2019
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When a goddess has a friendship with another goddess, they have a goddesship.
They had goddesship similar to a sisterhood.
by LUXLY July 30, 2019
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A beautiful and adored female that envisioned, organized and orchestrates her own successful company.
She was a Goddesspreneur that empowered other women to not just chase their dreams, but LIVE their DREAMS!
by LUXLY March 11, 2019
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I Don’t Speak Millennial.
To not speak the language that millennials speak that lacks compassion, empathy and connection since being raised in a generation of cell phones as main lines of communication and attention.
Sorry, IDSM enough to understand the rude, arrogant, entitled, lazy and inconsiderate brats that Millennials notoriously are.
by LUXLY October 15, 2019
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When you are speaking and trying to figure out what to say next and you say but um so quickly and uncomfortably that they run together and you butum out
I was making a video and I got stumped on what to share next and so I.. butum
by LUXLY March 20, 2019
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Bikinis best friend would give you a big yummy lower body hug around your hip when you rock your bikini!
I love your bikini bottom! I am like your bikinis best friend! Come here I want to give you a hug!
by LUXLY July 14, 2019
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The art of one discovering their inner emotional, energetic or mental blocks and AXING them!!
When she finally owned her shame about her body issues she was able to LET IT GO by bloXking it
by LUXLY March 21, 2019
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