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Noun; aka Bev;

Beverly is an amazing girl. She puts family and friends before anything. She is easily angered and has a short temper. She is unbelievably good in bed. She has the most sexiest body. And has an ass. Many girls think shes a show off until they get to know her. She is goofy and has a sense of humor. But she overthinks a lot. She loves trying to solve peoples problems. Her favorite thing to do is eat all day all night. All the boys are too afraid to ask her out because they think they'll get rejected. Once you get to know a Beverly you'll want to keep her forever. She gives her trust away easily. Shes has a fragile heart so dont break it. Once you have a Beverly in your life dont lose her.
Willie: "Hey do you know that funny girl with the big ass?"
Daniel: "Must be Beverly"

Mike: "Shit i wish my girl was a Beverly"
Sam: "Keep dreaming dude, that'll never happen"
by LILniggaFrumDaHood April 3, 2018
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