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nuthand is the supreme force and driving power that lies within pagan terrorists everywhere.
NUTHAND is upon you defecat0r.
by lg May 24, 2004

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Messenger of a higher being, usually Hindi Pop-Stars.
I am the Shizo of Dahler.
by LG January 19, 2003

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Big Pooper Guy. A guy who dumps a huge load particularly at the workplace.
Wow ... there goes another BPG
by LG September 01, 2004

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small animal that slowly crawls up into your vagina that causes multiple orgasims
man, there goes a yoody.....lets catch him!
by lg January 23, 2004

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Poke violently
I Gershed the chicken.
by LG January 19, 2003

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A vagina.
Max sprang forth from the brearded dragon.
by lg June 09, 2004

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Eine Abwandlung von dem Wort "naja". Nojo kann sowohl als Zustimmung anerkannt werden, als auch als fluffiges naja.
<EaR|DuNe> der döner hier ist nur gut weil da so ordentlich tzatziki drauf is
<EaR|DuNe> da gibbet nich in berlin
<EaR|kenny> hmkay
<EaR|DuNe> dafür krieg ich in berlin auch 2 döner für den selben preis
<EaR|DuNe> nojo
<EaR|kenny> nojo
by lg October 29, 2004

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