3 definitions by L'appelDuVoid

1. A common woman's name
2. A sexist stereotype created to attack (only women) who are perceived as having either racist, privileged or otherwise unsavoury behaviour. No evidence of this behaviour is required, and men get off scot-free.
3. A middle-aged woman having an emotional breakdown in public who is caught on camera and then bullied online
"hi my name is Karen"
"you racist cow!!!"
"no seriously, that's just my name.."
by L'appelDuVoid December 30, 2022
A catch-all insult designed to attack people who you perceive as having life easier than you, but you can't explain why.

Also used to express jealousy.
"ugh... Britney is so entitled!"
"OMG why?!"
"she has rich parents so I've decided she's a terrible person (even though you can't choose who your parents are)."
"wow what a b#tch!"
by L'appelDuVoid December 30, 2022
A catch-all insult used to negatively describe something you don't like, but can't describe why.
"That TV show is so problematic"
"Really? What problems does it cause?"
"umm... It's just problematic okay?! Don't ask me to give actual evidence and stuff..."
by L'appelDuVoid December 30, 2022