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As a young woman that was born and raised in Kentucky i can honestly say there arent many other places like it. I live in Paducah, Ky and this is in my opinion one of the best places to live. Its peaceful, the scenery is amazing, and the people are wonderful. I have never been discriminated against (Im african-american) and this has got to be by far one of the most diverse places I know of. We even have a community of belly dancers here in kentucky. And as several other people have mentioned before me Kentucky has produced several celebrities (including Johnny Depp- he was born in Owensboro, Ky). We have a rich culture and heritage and there is plenty to learn about this great state! And Kentucky is not a part of the midwest, we're one state away from the east coast so technically Kentucky is a South-eastern state (yes I also consider Ky to be southern)
Paducah, Kentucky is Quilt City USA (exciting I know, lol) and our population actually doubles every year (from 30,000 to 60,000) with people from all over the world who come together to buy/make/sell quilts! :)
by KyandProud May 11, 2007
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