2 definitions by Kushkathecat

When someone at a hockey match tries to throw up an aerial (a high ball in the air) and then completely flops it by throwing it either in completely the wrong direction or behind them, possibly hitting a spectator. Is a combination of the words missed and aerial. Can also be called a Faerial (but doesn't quite have the same ring to it).
Ball flies past spectators and smashes window;
spectator 1: wow that was a terrible aerial
spectator 2: Great Maerial!
by Kushkathecat May 27, 2009
a synonym meaning that you will spend the next few hours facebook stalking. can also mean that you will be on facebook chat, or commenting aimlessly on peoples facebook status's, photos and taking quiz's that tell you you will get an a* anyway.
student one: hows revision going?
student two: facebook.
by Kushkathecat May 27, 2009