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A phrase used during World War I to describe men climbing out of their trenches to attack the opposing trenches. Before running into a wall of rifle and machine gun fire, the attackers were usually given a warm meal, a bit of rum, and said potential goodbyes to each other before facing almost certain death. It was considered the greatest test a man could ever face.
"As time passed, apprehension became acute as I weighed my chances for surviving the attack. No; I could not so easily give up. The grip of life was tightening on me and more than ever I wanted to live." -British Liaison Officer before going over the top at the Third Battle of Ypres
by Kurt051 March 04, 2011
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An obsession with Justin Bieber so extreme that it's to the point where you are rioting at his concerts and trolling classic rock videos on YouTube. You probably still have bruises from the rubber bullets.
Example 1
Riot Cop 1: Are the fire hoses in place just in case?
Riot Cop 2: Yes sir, the Bieber fever always gets out of hand.
Riot Cop 1: Good. I hate these damn concerts.

Example 2
JustnBeberFan4EVER: aerosmth sux cuz they old they gonna die out!!! justn beiber is gona liv on 4 ever!!!!! yayy!!!
Delta07: Please, go to Google and type in "define: literacy".
by Kurt051 February 16, 2011
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