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American pie:
A song made by Don Mcclean, I enjoy it more when my dad rocks out his Martin and sings it though.

A series of movies which I THINK are great movies.
I love those movies guys, they are great-Zane, when I finally got him drunk.
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Used in donnie darko, but used by me WAY before then.

A word to describe the uttermost FRUSTRATION with some one.

An exclamatory word used when one is frusterated.
Hey, your a fuck ass. ;0)
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An exlamatory used to show DEEP DESTRESS or severe emotional anger.

Multi-purpous word to call some one if they piss you off.

Three curse words thrown into a pile of words and used when no other words will come out.

Dude you are an ass bastard fuck.

I just wish......AHH ASS BATARD FUCK!
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Truley, this is unanswered. The only meaning of life is to live it to the fullest and serve God. Die happy and on your way to heaven. that is the only goal and purpous in life. THAT AND to make music.
The meaning of life is music.
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The patato chip is the art of one best friend walking in on another best friend while he is on his honey moon having sex. THe friend that walked in commences to ask if the friend that is having sex can "pass the chips". If the friend has no chips, the other friend has the option of peeing on the two passionate lovers, or kicking the friend in the nads at the point of climax.
(John walks in on Micah having sex)

John: Hey Micah, can you pass the chips.
Micah: Dude, here. You bastard.
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one of my best friends Zane
Zane (and now random crap because of the gay 20 letters 3 word rule)
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