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the art of having sex with a mother. This doesnt necessarily have to be there own, but anybody that they are aware of being a mother. mummed bummed bumming
oh dont worry about jim, hes just gone for a spot of mumming.
by Kris Ryan March 20, 2008

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1: Willy Wonka's magical river made of pure, home grown chocolate, running right through the heart of the Wonka Factory.

2: Your Rectum
1: (Augustus) "HMMMMM CHOCOLATE!!!!"

2: "Mate, i had a curry the other night, turned my asshole into a chocolate river!"
by Kris Ryan August 05, 2008

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a term that combines the age old saying "for goodness sake" with the name of the popular race track of the world "Laguna Seca", therefore arriving at "For Goodness Seca!"
"For Goodness Seca!"
by Kris Ryan April 04, 2008

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giving 100% commitment or attention to something, or even sometimes going over the top to acheive something. very british saying, known to orginate from london. possibly...
yeah that guys always giving it the charlie large one
by Kris Ryan March 20, 2008

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