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When an older innocent looking lady is the head of a corporation. Although she appears innocent she is really cold blooded and breathes fire.
Adam: "I love the owner of that company, she is so nice."
Clint: "No man...thats a Dragon with a Briefcase!!'
by KodiakDragon April 29, 2011
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When an Awesome friend starts dating a girl and changes himself so much that he is no longer himself, Thus becoming the Diet Coke version of himself.
Clint: Adam we should invite Nate out to the bars with us!!
Adam: I dunno...He's going to invite his girlfriend and when she's around he's like the Diet Coke of Nate!!
Clint: Oh what a Diet Bro!
by KodiakDragon July 27, 2011
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When someone pretends to be sweet and child like but underneath they are still wild and unpredictable like a Bear. Typically evil in nature pretending to be good.
Adam: I like Eric, he's such a nice guy.
Clint: No Way, that dude is just a Bear wearing Footy Pajamas, you can't trust his outer apperance.
by KodiakDragon May 20, 2011
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