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Girl who fucks for pleasure not love, loves to be used like a slut by strangers or guys shes hardly knows. Turns her on to satisfy men .
She may have a boyfriend but let's others use her with her boyfriends permission.

No emotion is involved and she is used in public toilets, alleyways or cars.
She may go back to be used by her boyfriend after and tell him how bad she's been.
She's a freaky girl I fucked her in the toilets last week .
by Knwyrstuff September 21, 2018
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A very sexually open minded girlfriend who fucks other men for fun with full permission off the boyfriend. It turns both her and the boyfriend on that other men use her for their satisfaction .

She might meet other guys on nights out randomly or prearranged via messages through social media. It is now more common for the Freaky girlfriend to chat on internet groups / chatrooms etc to arrange meets for her to be used. This usually leads to regulars who chat to her through message apps such as Kik, she then can show her boyfriend the naughty conversations and pics she has been sending, intensifying sexual excitement.

When meeting other guys no emotion is involved and she enjoys being used hard and fast, including hard deepthroating.
As she fucks her boyfriend she will tell him in detail how she has been used and may show a few photos/videos from the event.

The relationship with a freaky girlfriend is intense, exciting with a huge amount of trust and making the couple closer.
I picked her up the other night, throat fucked her and used her pussy hard. She's got a boyfriend, she's such a freaky girlfriend.
by Knwyrstuff December 1, 2018
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A pregnant woman that still loves to be used in a rough way by strangers or multiple guys. Many men fantasize about fucking and deep throating a pregnant woman.

She may have a boyfriend or husband that enjoys her still being used by men. The session may be recorded to show the partner at a later date.

A freaky pregnant slut is extremely open minded and enjoys fulfilling the fantasies and needs of guys who have this fetish . Doing whatever the guy wants from spanking to cum swallowing.
I'm meeting this freaky pregnant slut tomorrow, I'm going to use her all night .
by Knwyrstuff March 30, 2019
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