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Fidelia is the feminine form of the Latin adjective that means faithful or loyal. It was popular among the Puritans but as people with the qualities of Fidelia have declined, so has the popularity of the name.

Fidelias are the most loyal women you will ever meet, to their parents, their boyfriends, their husbands, and their children. They never betray, never abandon, and never give up on the ones they love. Filled with compassion and empathy, Fidelias will do almost anything to help even a total stranger, anything except lie or deceive.

If a Fidelia tells you something, you know it's true, because Fidelias always tell the truth! Consider yourself fortunate if you have a Fidelia for a friend. Consider yourself the most fortunate man in the world if you are married to a Fidelia.

Fidelias are so trustworthy that they are often too trusting, to the point of being nieve. Their honest, kindhearted, and loyal natures make them especially vulnerable to being betrayed. Beware that if you betray a Fidelia, you will experience the wrath of the Almighty.

Fidelias are so beautiful and rare that most men assume they don't have a chance with one. Most men don't, but not because of their looks. What Fidelias really admire in men is their character. If you are a man of honor, don't be afraid to tell a Fidelia about your feelings for her, no matter how beautiful she is. She is attracted to men that are courageous, honorable, and value her as the rare treasure she is.
In all these years, my wife has never once cheated on me. She's a perfect Fidelia.

Most beautiful women are stuck up snobs, but that girl is soooooo sweet and beautiful. What a Fidelia!
by Knight George January 18, 2013
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