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Someone who is wuss/pussy at doing anything, and won't go anywhere to chill. Basically, a lazy fuck that doesn't do shit and is too much of a wuss to do anything daring.

Basically a longer version of Pussy or Panzy. The "Shitfucked" is an adjective for Panzy.

Someone who refuses to do anything, being selfish and avoiding situations.
Example 1:
Brian: Yo dude, you gonna come with us to the game tonight?

Peter: Naaa, man its aight, i feel like goin home.

Brian: Your such a shit fucked panzy

Example 2:

Derek: Yo, can you lend me a dollar, i dont got enough for this meal.

Walter: Hey, I need some of this money, ask someone else.


Pete: Yo walter is nuts

Derek: Ye, what a shit fucked panzy
by KneeGrowBob October 24, 2010
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