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Girl who doesn't take care of herself down below.

Enormous mound of rotten stinking pubic hair which acts as a home to all manner of rancid lice. In addition to the lice, the pubic mound contains an unidentified material that has the texture of sand but is black, conjectured to be decaying lice shells.

The inner vagina has a smell somewhere between chronic body odour and rotting fish. Psychologically this smell is disturbing, those unfortunate enough to sample it can in the worst case take many months to recover from the trauma.

Ndawgs are unsurprisingly generally very sexually inexperienced. They prey on drunk men with strong libidos who have lost the capacity for reasonable thought. An ndawg is guarenteed to be the worst and most troubling lay of your life. After laying an ndawg it will invariably harass you for weeks afterwards thinking it is your girlfriend and you are in love, leading to a mild phone phobia and a temporary loss of sex drive.

Once you have had an ndawg you never go back. NEVER
1. Dude I fucked an ndawg last weekend, man I am never drinking again.

2. You filthy ndawg.
by Kleiber Hess October 21, 2004

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