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Petra is a funny and loving girl. She loves being around her friends and loves being around her family. She is sometimes extra and sometimes crazy but thats good cause it’s funny and makes her laugh and that is always good. Her smile is so bright that it can be selled as much amount of money like a Diamond. She is a crazy one and sometimes gets a little TMI but it’s funny.

If you have Petra as a friend you’ll will be the luckiest person ever. Her name is very unique because Petra means rock in Greek, she is overall unique... Though she sounds like a great and perfect person, she also has very deep insecurities she can not put away but she dosent need them. She is also so caring and loving for the people around her, she will do anything to make someone happy. She is always a great person and funny. She is also so cute and pretty. If she really believes in something she will stand her ground like a tiger, because that’s how Petra’s are...
Jimmy “ Your friends with Petra?!”
Jessica “Yep and she is so nice”
Jimmy “ your so lucky I wish I had a friend like her”
by KitKat is cool March 27, 2019

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