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The worst shithole in the entire city of Chicago, now thankfully being demolished for good.

It started out near the end of the World War II as an optimistic future for the impoverished citizens of Chicago, where they could have decent living facilities for a minimal cost. But right after the war, thousands of workers were fired after the nearby factories closed, the city was running out of budget, and thus, the Cabrini-Green buildings fell into neglect. As a result, all the honest citizens left the buildings as soon as they saved enough to move out, leaving behind nothing but gangstaz, drug dealers, and people who earned less than one minimal wage.

Everything spiraled downwards ever since. The rotting garbage would stack up in the trash chutes (the record was up to floor 15), the hallways were urinated on and covered with gang tags, there were gang snipers guarding each building and shooting at other buildings, and the walkways were fenced up and looked like jails. And just to make things worse, Cabrini-Green was right next to Chicago's poshest neighborhoods -- which means lots of rich twits just waiting for someone who's slangin grade A yayo, which means drug gangs blasting on drug gangs for a share of this cornucopia of crack money.

Eventually, the violence got so bad, saying you were from Cabri-G meant you were the toughest OG from all the gangstas in Chicago.

During the eighties and nineties, a number of incidents greatly publicized Cabrini Green's infamous reputation. while walking to school with his mother. In 1981, the Chicago mayor Jane Byrne decided to move in a 4th floor apartment; despite being guarded by ridiculously huge hordes of cops and bodyguards, she only had the courage to stay 3 weeks inside. A kid was killed by a missed shot in 1992. In 1997, 9-year-old "Girl X" was raped and poisoned in the stairs. The Gangster Disciples, the ruling gang, popped a motherfucking cap in the rapist's ass and then had him arrested. During these times, Cabrini-Green was so feared by the cops, they were often sent there as punishment, to be insulted, spat, and potentially shot.

In 1995, much of the projects were slated for demolition. Currently, out of the original 15000 inhabitants, only 2000 remain.
A: Yo, this is Pharrell. He's our new leader. Straight up OG from Cabrini Green.
B: Cabri-G!? Shit man! Now that's strong arm steady motherfuckin' gangsta!
by Kingroader January 9, 2009