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A Japanese sports car powered by the Wankel Rotary Engine. The RX-7 made it's way to the US in the model year 1979. There are 3 generations of RX-7 and 6 series.

First Generation Series 1 was 1979-1980 and came with standard 4 speed manual transmission with a 12a 1.2 litre engine boasting 100hp. Used a thermal reactor for emission control.

First Generation Series 2 ran from 1981-1983. Rear storage bins were added and the guage cluster and console were changed. The thermal reactor was replaced with 3 catalytic converters. Optional Limited Slip Differential.

First Generation Series 3 ran from 1984-1985. GSL-SE option came with a 6-port 13B EFI controlled engine with around 135hp.

Second Generation Series 4 ran from 1986-1988 with a redesigned body style. It came with a standard 6-port 13B with a higher 140hp partually due to an improved intake manifold. In 1987 the TurboII option was available which gave the car a turbocharged 13b producing 182hp. 1988 saw a convertable option.

Second Generation Series 5 ran from 1989-1991. The car had a few minor appearance tweaks (like new tailights). A new and much improved intake system and higher compression rotors (9.7:1) jumped the horsepower on the natrually aspirated RX-7s to 160 horsepower. The Turbo II models also got a horsepower boost to 200 horsepower thanks to a slightly larger turbo and higher compression ratio rotors (9.0:1).

Third Generation Series 6 ran from 1993-1995 and featured a new bodystyle. The engine got a new sequintial twin turbo setup which helped its 13b engine produce 255hp. This is the car that most people think of when someone says RX-7.
"I heard that Tony just bought a Mazda RX-7. Let's go try to get him to give us a ride."

"I'm taking my RX-7 to a local track day, does anyone have any tips ofr a novice?"
by Kingbob September 24, 2005
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