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Translated from Chinese's 不三不四,which literally means "not three not four", and metephorically means you're talking non-sense or that this topic of conversation is not based on truth.
Bob: What is he talking about, mountain people mountain sea?

Vincent: Iono man, he's just being not three not four.

Jessica: Hey have you heard about bob's new boyfriend?
Tiffany: Oh stop talking about that not three not four stuff!
by King_Bruce September 17, 2013
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(n). A sasshole is someone who is walking a fine line between the areas called "being sassy" and "being an asshole". It is often used to call out a friend you think is being a little bit mean, but don't want to damage the relationship.
Emily: Hahaha, good thing I didn't go to the party with you. Being seen with you would've destroyed my rep.

Me: Uhm, excuse me, sasshole!
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by King_Bruce January 24, 2016
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