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A war 3000 years ago, which actually probably never happened and is really a load of fuck made up by a Greek Nerd with small genitalia - i'm sure he had a statue commisioned which proves it - (but I'm not complaining because the movie was cool) between the Trojans and the Greeks, who got beat down for most of it and had to use a giant wooden, horse shaped dildo for the greek king with men inside to act as sperm, but who he forgot about and gave to the Trojans as a peace gift when he needed a bigger toy to win, as well as a lot more soldiers (but to be fair the Trojans did have massive walls to defend them and to fire arrows off). The Trojans were too pissed and comatose to give a fuck about the horse so they let it in because they fought apollo creed gave it to them as a gift for raping the hell out of the Greeks for most of the time and stealing their bitches.
Who the fuck is sad enough to look Trojan war up?
by King of troy July 10, 2006
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Geeks and Nerds are the same thing. They are all similar in that they all have small genitalia and lack of social skills, as well as their inability to communicate with girls which means thay all want to clone themselves and create a master race. most are secretly nazis who wanted the germans to win WWII. other characteristics exibited are:
- the belief that they are similar to smart people like Newton, yet really they will end up spending the rest of their life looking at japanese cartoon porn or talking about
elfs and wizards or guns and computers. While they may be smart they will not achieve anything in life... non of them will
- lack of physical and sporting skills, sometimes they are strong or can run far and take up stupid sports like free running and what americans call ultimate frisbee.
- they pretend to be people, like soldiers or sci fi characters and develop their own langauges
- they walk like idiots
- most have ginger hair
- when they think they gain acceptance from their non nerd peers they act like spastics
- some listen to idiotic music like death metal, a trait displayed increasingly by so called neo nerds, who grow their hair long and play wargames
- allthough i am not american i am sure most middle american teenagers are like this
- most see the above characteristics as benifits and can be extremely egotistical and open about it
- they have little knowledge of popular culture
don't get me wrong. non nerds can play video games, like history. listen to that stupid music go on the internet, look at cartoon porn etc but the common nerd exhibits this behaviour to an excessive degree

the same apllies to female nerds

solution: do nothing, let them wallow in their own disgrace
no i am not a nerd because a wrote this, i just have some mental issues. i assure you that i like sports and girls etc... while their are some on the other side of the social spectrum who can piss me off, i am resolute in my approval of that style of life more than that of a nerd.

i'm sure most of the readers of this are nerds so to you i say "fuck you"
by King of Troy July 10, 2006
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A prince of Troy who killed achilles's bitch, who was also his cousin... gay incest, because he was pimpin on his turf and trying to take it over. He then got killed by Achilles after he fell over a stone and got concussed. He led the Apollonian Guard who regulary performed drive bys on the Greeks and fucked them up big style. Following his death he was Dragged around the battlefield so that Achilles could rape his dead body... he liked them messy.
I was Hector in a past life, and he could have fucked Achilles
up, castrate him and then make him and then make him eat his own balls as punishment for trying to sell coke on his turf without permission... before he hit the ground.
by King of troy July 10, 2006
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