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An awkward conversation between a teenager and their parents about sex and puberty. This is usually pointless because most people get taught about sex via the internet or social interaction with peers. They do teach sex ed at school in most places, but similarly to 'The Talk', it is usually obsolete as the students don't learn anything new.

The Talk may have become pointless because of the that parents and schools tend to wait until the teen in question Is 14-15 which is far too old as by that age they are well aware. If the society was less afraid of the social taboo surrounding sex then this would be the case., Also, the talk tends not to go into detail on the social side of sex, only the scientific standpoint.
Parents: Ahh, (son/daughter), It is time for The Talk.

Teen: They already taught me about this at school.
Parents: (a bunch of vague nonsense regarding sex with no real information.)
Teen: You didn't teach me anything there, you should have just saved yourselves the embarrassment.
by KindaKnowledgeable June 05, 2020

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