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A Nigger Tit is a term that can be used in many different ways all having different messages. The first way could be used a term of discouragement or frustration, mainly in anger. The 2nd way could be out of joy, being substituted for what ever you are joyful about. Or lastly you can use the term out of pure confusion not sure how you feel about anything just saying it for the hell of it, pointly because it is a quite strange and funny thing to say.
1. God Dammit! I cant believe my mom is grounding me! Fuckin Nigger Tits!
2. Dude, can you believe it! Nigger Tits Yes!
3. Billy- I'm so bored.
Chris-You wanna know something?
Billy- What?
Chris- Nigger Tits!
Billy- Yeah, I hear ya.
by Killa Milla3 April 14, 2009
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