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Boatism, the "religion" for those who need no religion.

The "oars" of Boatism:
1) Be a good person
2) Smoke herb
3) Drink tea
4) Chill

Any of these besides 1) are optional, but they most certainly help.

Imagine you're sat on a boat, with everything YOU would want to make the moment absolutely PERFECT.
This is the Boat of Perfection.
When you realise how much you love it, become a Boatist.

The Boatist "Church" - wherever the fuck you like.
The Boatist "Ceremony" - spark up.
The Boatist "God" - The Boat of Perfection.

To become a Boatist, simply tell yourself you are a Boatist, and be safe, then the world's your oyster.

We are a non-hate, non-profit & non-structured "organisation", so we don't want your shit, your money or your idea like "man we should all go sit on a boat somewhere and be like wow" because...nah. Just live your life in your own way, as long as it's not lame.

So surround yourself with good people, and try not to give too much of a stuff about anything that doesn't really matter.
Dude One: "I'm a boatist."
Dude Two: "What's that?"
Dude One: Insert explanation of Boatism here
by KilimanjaroEnsemble June 02, 2009

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